Fibrinogen Degradation Product (FDP) - Plasma

Fibrinogen Degradation Product (FDP) - Plasma

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To measure components of the blood produced by clot degeneration and to diagnose disseminated intravascular coagulation. This test helps understand different blood clotting disorders.

This Test Includes

Fibrinogen Degradation Product (FDP)

Test Instructions

Total parameters available: 1

Parameter Names:

  • Fibrinogen Degradation Product (FDP) - Plasma

Test Instructions/Precautions:

  • Alcohol: Please abstain from alcohol before the test
  • Medication :Any pre-existing medication should only be stopped after consultation with the referring Physician
  • Fluids Allowed : Water only


Soft Copy (Portal/Email) : If the sample is collected before 12 noon then the report will get delivered as per Reporting Time / Maximum TAT (Turn Around Time) indicated with the test. For samples collected after 12 Noon, 12 hours may be added to the Report Turn Around TimeHard Copy : Delivered at home upon request. A small convenience fee may apply.

Why it is Done

Evaluation of fibrinogen deficiency. Measuring fibrinogen in patients with elevated plasma levels of fibrin degradation products, patients receiving heparin, and in patients with antibodies to thrombin.

What is this test

FDP term is used in most of the diagnostic center for the testing Fibrinogen Degradation Product. In case of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation occurs in the body, the FDP test is prescribed. Generally, FDP level should be around 10 mg/L in the body.