Immunity Booster Plan

Immunity Booster Plan


  • Fasting Blood Glucose (FBS) - Plasma 
  •  Complete Urine Examination (CUE) - Urine 
  •  Complete Blood Count (CBC) /  CBP - Whole Blood 
  •  Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) - Serum 
  •  Creatinine - Serum 
  •  Lipid Profile 
  •  Liver Function Test / LFT 
  •  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - Serum

This Test Includes

Mean Corpuscular Hb. (MCH)




Platelet count

Total Triglycerides


RBCs - Urine

Direct Bilirubin

Serum Globulin

Appearance - Urine


Complete Urine Examination (CUE) - Urine

Packed Cell Volume (PCV)

LDL Cholesterol

RBC count

Pus cells


Indirect Bilirubin

Alkaline Phosphatase / ALP


HDL Cholesterol

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) - Serum

Bile Salts


Serum Albumin

Mean Corpuscular Hb. Concentration (MCHC)

Creatinine - Serum

Total WBC count

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - TSH

Total Cholesterol

Total Bilirubin

VLDL Cholesterol

A/G Ratio



Liver Function Test/LFT

Albumin Urine


Casts - Urine

Specific Gravity


Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)

Chol/HDL Ratio

Ketone bodies

Fasting Blood Glucose (FBS) - Plasma

Urine Glucose

Test Instructions

Total parameters available: 50

Parameter Names:

Diabetes - 1 (Fasting Blood Glucose (FBS) - Plasma)
Lipid - 6 (Lipid Profile)
Renal - 2 (Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) - Serum , Creatinine - Serum)
Liver - 10 (Liver Function Test / LFT)
Thyroid - 1 (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - Serum)
CBC - 14 (Complete Blood Count (CBC) / CBP - Whole Blood)
Urine Analysis - 19 (Complete Urine Examination (CUE) - Urine
Followed by Report Interpretation and Immunity Booster Diet Consultation

Test Instructions / Precautions:

Fasting: Is required for 10-12 hours before sample collection
Alcohol: Please abstain from alcohol before the test
Medication: Any pre-existing medication should only be stopped after consulting the referring Physician
Fluids Allowed: Water only
Meals: Please avoid fatty / oily foods, sweets and fruits - 3


Soft Copy (Portal/Email) : If the sample is collected before 12 noon then the report will get delivered as per Reporting Time / Maximum TAT (Turn Around Time) indicated with the test. For samples collected after 12 Noon, 12 hours may be added to the Report Turn Around TimeHard Copy : Delivered at home upon request. A small convenience fee may apply.

Why it is Done


What is this test

Immunity Booster Plan helps to understand your health condition and aims at improving your immunity with a diet consultation with our experts. Increasing prevalence of unhealthy lifestyle choices and hectic routine makes it vital to get regular health checkups and understand your current level of immunity is very important. It can help in detecting major risk factors that may lead to serious health issues and make you susceptible to various diseases. Doctors advise periodic health checks to stay healthy and to detect early signs of any disease or illness.

Test Names:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose (FBS) - Plasma
  • Complete Urine Examination (CUE) - Urine 
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) /  CBP - Whole Blood 
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) - Serum 
  • Creatinine - Serum 
  • Lipid Profile 
  • Liver Function Test / LFT 
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - Serum
  • Report interpretation 
  • Immunity Diet Booster Plan