Inhibin B - Serum

Inhibin B - Serum


  • Inhibin B is a hormone associated with women's ovaries. Additionally, inhibin B may be produced by certain types of ovarian tumors. This test measures the levels of this hormones in the blood.
  • Inhibin B level may be used as part of an infertility evaluation.

This Test Includes

Inhibin - B

Test Instructions

Total parameters available: 1

Parameter Names:

  • Inhibin B - Serum

Test Instructions/Precautions:

  • Alcohol: Please abstain from alcohol before the test
  • Medication :Any pre-existing medication should only be stopped after consultation with the referring Physician
  • Fluids Allowed : Water only


Soft Copy (Portal/Email) : If the sample is collected before 12 noon then the report will get delivered as per Reporting Time / Maximum TAT (Turn Around Time) indicated with the test. For samples collected after 12 Noon, 12 hours may be added to the Report Turn Around TimeHard Copy : Delivered at home upon request. A small convenience fee may apply.

Why it is Done

  • To help determine whether you have an ovarian tumor, to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to monitor whether the tumor has returned after treatment.
  • You may get tested as part of an infertility evaluation, along with other testing.


What is this test

Inhibin B levels are used to assess ovarian reserve and as an aid in the diagnosis & monitoring of Granulosa cell tumors and Mucinous epithelial ovarian tumors.