Ultra Sound Soft Parts

Ultra Sound Soft Parts

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Why is Ultra Sound Soft Parts done ?

This scan helps in the detection of :

  • Injuries of soft parts (muscles)
  • Suspected Hernia
  • Unidentified Clusters

Why is Ultra Sound Soft Parts ?

Many patients come to the emergency department with complaints related to the soft tissues, e.g. Infection, injury, and abnormal masses. Traditionally, computed tomography and magnetic resonance have been used when imaging studies are needed in these patients; however, ultrasound is generally more readily available and in some instances is the preferred imaging study.

The most common use of bedside ultrasound in patients with soft-tissue abnormalities is in the evaluation of infections, including cellulitis, abscess and necrotizing fasciitis. Other soft-tissue indications include the evaluation of cysts and lymph nodes. Ultrasound is also used to locate foreign bodies.

Although the majority of abscesses are treated with incision and drainage, in certain cases, usually because of cosmesis, treatment with needle aspiration and antibiotics may be an option.Ultrasound provides dynamic real-time guidance for needle aspiration, resulting in increased success.