Ultrasound Transanal

Ultrasound Transanal

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Why is Ultrasound Transanal done ?

Trans anal ultrasound is a test that looks at the structure of the muscles of your back passage and pelvic floor. It is also booked for cases of pure inflammation or infection in the area such as abscesses and fistula. This test will be done by an ultrasound.

Why is Ultrasound Transanal ?

Ultrasound Transanal uses a small ultrasound tube that will be put in your back passage. The anal and rectal areas contain specialized muscles that are helpful to regulate proper passage of bowel movement. Normally, when stool enters the rectum, the back passage muscle tightens to prevent passage of stool at an inconvenient time. If this muscle is weak or does not contract in a timely manner, incontinence (leakage of stool) may occur. The trans anal ultrasound investigation shows the structure of the muscles of your anal canal and pelvic floor. Tears in the muscle, scar tissue or thinning or the muscles can be detected. These could cause a weakness in the muscle. Focus of infection and inflammation could also be seen during this test.