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About CallHealth

CallHealth is a pioneer and one of the most integrated healthcare platforms that stitches together a comprehensive suite of healthcare offerings, to be accessed at the customer’s convenience. The health care services are delivered (a) virtually or (b) at the customer’s doorstep and / or (c) at a health or wellness centre - as needed.

CallHealth leverages Technology, Knowledge, and Human Capital for delivering comprehensive patient-centric services – anytime, anywhere.

CallHealth integrates all the components of the fragmented healthcare ecosystem and makes them accessible through the CallHealth platform. We provide a single-point access to the customer and give them the power to choose from multiple alternatives as per their convenience across a broad spectrum of the health care eco-system.

Improving the access and ensuring the efficacy of healthcare outcomes - along with personalized medical records that are accessible anytime, anywhere - is what makes us stand apart from everyone else.

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Doctor Consultation

Lab Tests

X-ray and Scans

Bedside Attendant


Physiotheraphy at Home/Virtual

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Covid Solutions

Covid Vaccine - Find Slots

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Sleep Study

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Disease Awareness

Breast Cancer